Some things never change - quote from a book published in 2004.

Source: Kopka & Daly, Guide to LaTeX, 2004 (4th edition)

All roads lead to libc6.

I've been playing around with dot, and wrote a small script to graph package dependencies.

I expected a rather chaotic graph branching out into every direction, but instead got almost all packages leading to the C library. I'm always surprised with the impact that language still has on my system.


My most used sites, after a week of using the "Mind the Time"[0] Firefox addon.

I found myself trying to minimize the time spent on Facebook, mainly replying to messages. I knew I visited Wikipedia a lot, but had no idea it would top all other sites. Maybe I should donate.

It's nice to see so many IT-related sites (although this week was far from indicative of the rest of the year).

And then there's this nice, little website on 2nd place.


Das Wi-Fi Angebot einer großen, internationalen Hotelkette. Das erste Mal, dass ich so offen verletzt sah.

Contribution to the "best text editor" meme, a Facebook comment I came across some time ago.


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