The days are growing longer, and the first tourists arrive. At one of my city's bigger squares, I spotted a small tourist crowd, with a local priest in their middle, posing for a photo.

The priest himself looked calm and stern into the camera; if it was because of his spiritual role or because he wanted to look good on camera, I could not tell. The priest's appeal to tourists was obvious: dressed in black robes and with a long grey beard, he seemed frozen in time for centuries.

A few years ago we had our first elementary school reunion. After a long time, I thought of visiting the Facebook group we had created at the time to coordinate, but also to share old school photos (all of them scanned film photographs, obviously).

It was empty. I was the only member left from the ~40 people that had at one point joined, chatted and shared pictures. The last post had been my own, dating from 2010. When did the last one leave?


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