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Strolling through the city's streets, one can see lots of beggars, reaching out with their hand or endlessly murmuring a mixture of wishes and appeals to generosity, which has blended into a strange kind of mantra.

There are also a few performing artists, playing a small role like statues or mimes.

On the foot of the Akropolis, an old man was sitting on the pavement, sunk into an old book. His white hair and beard resembling the ancient philosophers, and a coin basket next to him, he was both.

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15 years after leaving primary school, we had a small . About a third of the class was present, which was more than I'd expected. Most of us hadn't talked in years, not because we didn't get along, but just because life got in the way or we moved to different cities.

Meeting again with all those people I'd spent 6 years of my childhood with, evoked many memories, but most importantly a warm feeling of belonging. For a few hours, it was as if I'd never left this familiar environment.

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Finally, after months of guilt, suboptimal time management and lots of plan cancelling, the dissertation, that Beast, is finished!

Computer uptime: 1 day and 17 hours. Human uptime: Same minus 6 hours sleep yesterday. But it has been worth it, I would't want to have it another week on my mind.

Time for bed, and tomorrow's a new day.

Maybe it's because in my head, my is already done, but I dreaded the spell-check before handing it in. How do you even do that in LaTeX, does the editor come with red underlining and right-click-suggestions like in Microsoft Word?

And then I read about . It turns out, it was on my system all along. Typing `aspell -c -t file.tex` was enough, nothing complicated, no program loading. Every correction is a single keystroke, and I never had to touch the mouse. In 5', I was done.

While writing the theoretical parts of my , I tried to maintain as serious and formal a tone as possible.

But now, while writing about the experiments' outcome of pitting AIs against each other, I feel more like a sports commentator. And, upon second inspection, my way of writing has shifted towards this mindset as well.

I think I'll leave it as is though. There's enough dry literature out there already; it's nice to read something that takes itself less serious for a change.

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PSA: if a user habitually boosts stuff you don't want to see, you can turn off boosts just for them without unfollowing them

view their profile in the regular masto UI and you'll see a "Hide boosts from X" in the hamburger menu

this can make the whole experience a lot less annoying, but it's not well-known!

I'm currently writing my dissertation in , which I'm trying to learn in parallel. It is a long, arduous process, albeit an accelerating one.

One unexpected side-effect of typesetting the mathematical equations is that I actually get to learn how all the symbols are called in English.

So far I've only been taught in Greek, and even within an English text I mentally register the symbols using the Greek word - so up until now, I never had to learn the English terms.

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The I read in May was "Desert Flower", by Waris .

I didn't know what to expect; a rural African tale, or a rags-to-riches supermodel story. It turned out to be both, but thanks to Dirie's description of her view I never felt any dissonance between the two worlds.

Still, it is remarkable that these two worlds coexist. We're used to books taking us to exotic places, but they're either fictional or set in the past. Perhaps the world is still a little bigger than it appears to be.

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For months, my pinned Mastodon tab would not load automatically upon opening my browser. I wasn't sure if this was the fault of Firefox or Mastodon, but as long as the solution only required hitting F5 once a day, I didn't really mind.

Then, suddenly, about a week ago, this bug disappeared. It was only a minor inconvenience, but the pleasant feeling of something getting fixed is still there.

To , and anyone else fixing the holes in the road: It is appreciated :)

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In the gradient descent of human progress, religions are local minima.


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Gute zwei Wochen sind nun nach dem -Ansturm auf Mastodon vergangen, und nun sehe ich auf der lokalen TL so gut wie kein Portugiesisch mehr. Seltsam, wie schnell etwas so Heftiges wieder abebbnen kann.

Oder doch nicht? Die Brasilianer sind wohl nicht verschwunden - aber sie scheinen sich inzwischen wunderbar an Mastodon angepasst zu haben. Ein Lob auf die -Moderatoren :).

Bei der federierten TL sieht das allerdings noch ganz anders aus, vorallem was angeht.

I started reading the - translated - "12 Years A Slave", but five pages in, I gave up.

The book might be good, but the translator/editor did a really sloppy job. English phrases translated word for word, grammatical errors, inconsistent vocabulary level, and apparently double the amount of commas (why?) make it unenjoyable, if not illegible.

It's the first book I have to pass on due to its translation. A good reminder, how important, yet taken for granted, a 's work really is.

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combining the dependency tree semantic similarity swap output with the line segment morphing...

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"Ein Systemadministrator schläft 'root'. "


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