Yesterday, I installed and Compiler . When starting Lazarus it complained about missing - Which is missing? Or do I need to build from (which should have sources).
The started anyway but I guess, it is not possible to recompile Lazarus - which I usually do to create a docked IDE (all in one window).

@Photor beside the fpc package lazarus also need the fpc-src package.

@koopa Hm. Could it be that I consequently overlooked this package? May be. Sometimes I am stupid like that. I will check.

@koopa Hm. I cannot find that package for 11.2:
# pkg search fpc- | grep src
fpc-fcl-passrc-3.0.4_1 Free Pascal language parsing library (FPC)
I am not sure if these are the sources for Free Pascal.

Thank you, @koopa. That also came in my mind; but before installing software besides the package management I first try to find the correct () package (source and binaries should match).
Meanwhile, I did to rebuild . It looks that it worked. I get a „docked“ (screenshot later). Maybe, it worked by luck/accident. Or, sources are already there (but why?).

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