Re-compilation of worked although the of and Lazarus could not be found by the IDE. I got the „docked“ layout which I like more than the „classic“ one. The newly compiled version is installed in ~/.lazarus folder.
So, development with /Lazarus seems to work.
Next step: get to work and test one of my projects. Therefore, the needs access to my privat network.
But, first I will upgrade to #12.0 - state of the virtual machine is stored.

@Photor This seems kind of a hell to setup correctly on FreeBSD. Im on arch linux and was able to install all needed packages for the lazarus IDE right away.

@koopa the (virtual) -machine is running on . Of course is set-up correctly on this laptop.
I am just checking out if FreeBSD fits to all my needs (and Lazarus is one important feature). If so, I will (probably) change my system.

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