„... und mache mir die , so wie sie mir gefällt.“
Richtig so! Und lasst euch das bloß nicht vermiesen!
Mit in die graue Welt.

Hier noch ein für alle unter uns 😎
PS: kann die Adresse des Shops gerne weiter geben (PN an mich) - will aber keine Werbung machen.
PPS: kein Photoshop!

Interessante Konstruktion. Ist das ein oder gibt es so ein häufiger und von der Stange?
Bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob das wirklich Vorteile hat (sonst würde es wohl im (Hoch-)Leistungssport auftauchen - denke ich).

: "Natur ist unberechenbar". Dazu musste ich also erst in den ! (sehr schön da!)
Mir gefallen die eindrücklichen Icons. 😀

Gerade ist das neue 2.0 auf :archlinux: eingetroffen. 😀 Update ging - wie immer - glatt. Gestartet und gleich mal die zum Test neu compiliert. Will ja schließlich den Mode.
Mal sehen, was es neues gibt.

Lecker Zeug mit Suchtpotential. Vom Kollegen aus 🇮🇳 mitgebracht.

So! Der Kalender von zeigt: beide Halbkreise sind voll! Es muss sein! Allen einen ! Möge das nächste Jahr besser werden.
Und: noch schnell ein gemacht, bevor die Zivilisation jetzt unter geht.

Yes, I did it! from 11.2 to 12.0. First time I did this as binary upgrade. Last FreeBSD (years ago) was using
make buildworld
make buildkernel
The modern way is much easier, faster.
Full test is outstanding but I didn‘t see any problems during upgrade. BTW is there a way to log all output during upgrade?

Re-compilation of worked although the of and Lazarus could not be found by the IDE. I got the „docked“ layout which I like more than the „classic“ one. The newly compiled version is installed in ~/.lazarus folder.
So, development with /Lazarus seems to work.
Next step: get to work and test one of my projects. Therefore, the needs access to my privat network.
But, first I will upgrade to #12.0 - state of the virtual machine is stored.

Yesterday, I installed and Compiler . When starting Lazarus it complained about missing - Which is missing? Or do I need to build from (which should have sources).
The started anyway but I guess, it is not possible to recompile Lazarus - which I usually do to create a docked IDE (all in one window).

11-RELEASE in on (see top line - it is the panel or Archlinux). Just learning about configuration and administration of FreeBSD: higher screen resolution, installed Chromium (running with connection to the web), some more tools, gksu ...
Next I will try and . And of course the upgrade to 12-RELEASE.
This is of course only for training but on the long term I will try to switch my Laptop fully to FreeBSD.

I tried #bsd a second time: downloaded the image again, burned the USB-Stick an booted into the setup procedure (this time I made notes). After reboot I ended in something that looks like Xorg but - see attached picture. 😳
Seems something went wrong regarding fonts or font set. 😟
It was hard to kill X, but I managed at the end. And got a console. Hope to find the time to dig into it.

So. under is up again! I do not know what happened. But I went back with the to a saved state before the installation and set it up again: installed xorg, xfce and slim.
Now I can play with the system -

Ha! I got it. is up on (running in hosted on )! 😀
Awful resolution. Nothing confgured so far!
So, I am a little bit.

New hobby: personal . Here doing a portupgrade for in a running on installed on my laptop 💻. 😎
With the written by Michael Lucas at hand - it guided me through FreeBSD installation and maintenance the first time in 2002 - and still useful - Michael.


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