This is PragmTeams, short for Pragmatic Teams - my main business-related account on . My main fields of work:

Design and of and "meetings" (for want of a better umbrella term). My work is based on Conversations that Matter, , and . I believe that every gathering is unique; that facilitation is always bespoke; and that spaces and processes are key.


(SF) Team Coaching. I'm helping teams to pin down what they want more of, and how they'll move forward. They're already experts in what they want less of, so the real work starts with describing preferred futures. Not in terms of years to come, or goals, but in terms of NOW, and signs.

of change hosts. I'm supporting individuals determined to more, and "lead" less. I believe that change is by nature a volunteer and a guest that needs to be invited and hosted. Good hosting depends on , , and .

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