UI/UX things that are overlooked but make life better -

My microwave's turntable rotates at a rate such that, when you cook for 30 second intervals [30s, 1m, 1m30s, etc.] the turntable returns to the same orientation.

This means that if you put in a mug with a handle towards the door, the handle will be towards the door when you're done with most common durations.

It's the little things like that that show that someone paid attention to how an interface is used.

@munin You think the microwave turntable rotation speed is good design, or just dumb luck? Could be the latter.

The drive motor is AC, thus the speed is naturally some multiple or divisor of 60 Hz.


The gearing of the turntable to the motor would not necessarily preserve that fraction in the latter case, so I am fairly confident it's the former.


@Rdbhost @munin
UK electrical supply in theory ~230V 50hz
DeLonghi microwave 60 seconds on full.
Mug returned to the starting position.


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