After persistent connection problems, I have moved instance.

Bit sad about that because @milan seems like a lovely bloke.

Anyway, I am now at @RunningInCircles if you read this.

I have managed to grab my follow list, so you might get a heads up in that regard.

@RunningInCircles @RunningInCircles have luck there... the odd io usage from the dbserver is over for now...hoping it stays stable...

@milan @RunningInCircles

Can I just say a VERY sincere thank you for providing a great space for me to come and join. If I had the time/money to support you I would, but things are a bit mad at the moment with major life/family changes.

Wouldn't have moved at all if I hadn't formed a connection to Mastodon, federation, and this new community.

In many ways, you are responsible for making it important to me! 😃

Keep doing what you do. It is worth it!

@RunningInCircles i am happy that you had a great time on this instance. :)

I do what i can to make it reliable again..

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