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Hey folk out there, how do you plan you daily work? Kanban/scrum/agile/somethingelse?

Curious to hear you thoughts on it 😃

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Wir brauchen binnen eines Jahres eine neue Unterkunft in Augsburg + 30KM. Mindestens vier Schlafzimmer und zwei Hunde müssen erlaubt sein.

Falls ihr etwas in die Richtung wisst, schreibt mir bitte!

Teilen erwünscht :-)

Digging hours to find the source of a knot error and at the end it was user permission 😫
Thanks for a missleading error message 🙈🤬

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Want all the gory details of how we hosted the world's largest free/open source conference #FOSDEM21 via Matrix? We just posted the full writeup at Huge thanks to for putting their faith in Matrix & to everyone who helped make it a success! 🎉❄️🎆

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We would like to thank you all for attending, all the help from the many many volunteers and hope to see you (in person) again next year! Please help us improve by sending feedback to

is coming to an end and it was awesome as always 🤘

we have an estimation of ~33.6k attendees for the conference and ~20k attendees for today...impressive...and now take this numbers and try to fill the ULB 😱

anyway. after FOSDEM is before so looking forward to see you on , maybe in place on ULB or online as this year =)

many thanks again to @matrix team, @fosdem and all volunteers 🍻

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Our T-shirt shop is open: for EU orders for the rest of the world
Contact if we are not able to have it delivered to your country. With amount/size, so we can contact you back later

is still ongoing and the number of users on the platform are as normally expected on site on ULB 😍

thx to @matrix for the impressive work 🍻

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Hey @apps any reason why I can't follow twitter profiles with nitter in the "full" app but I see them on the light version? 🤔

Langer tag heute 😴 jetzt aber endlich Couch, beine hoch und 🍷 


Rant 🤐 

In der corona zeit einen Umzug zu machen ist nicht einfach,jetzt kommen noch die verschärfungen hinzu...aber klar, ne Firma mit N angestellten könnte ich wohl buchen, nur privat max +1 Person 🤬

Das wird geil...

Hat jemand eigentlich eine valide alternative zu Google photos oder DSM moments gefunden? 🤔 (keins der beiden in Verwendung 😁)
Ich muss mir zwar nochmal photoprism anschauen aber würde mich über input freuen 🙃 dankö

Does anyone has found a good alternative to google photos or DSM moment? 🤔 (none of them in use 😁)
I need to look again at photoprism but I also would like to have some input 🙃 thanks

Hmmmm die @CCTG sagt mir "1 mal niedriges Risiko" und die CWA sagt nichts dazu 🤔

Wie soll ich das jetzt verstehen @CCTG ? 😅

Friday afternoon, workphone set to silent, laptop shut down...

...hey there weekend 🤘🏻🍷🍻

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So, what about a little fun competition to forget for a moment about 2020?
Design a sticker about Disroot, FLOSS, Fediverse, Privacy, or whatever and send it to us before 25th December.

We will do a poll to choose the designs we will then print out and add as a sticker pack to those who decided to support us financially in 2021.

Read more on:

Do not hesitate to share your work with the hashtag #distickeroot on your favorite social networks!

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