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IMPORTANT: I will use another account from now on because my username can be connected to other accounts.

Using Free Software doesn't automatically give people freedom.

The freedom is in the user's ability to modify the software when it does something user doesn't like, and make it do what user wants it to do.

As long as there's someone in the world for whom modifying the software they use is not an option, be it because of license, excessive complexity, lack of time, lack of patience, or because the person is afraid or overwhelmed by the concept of modifying something - that person is not free.

@Fergant We can throw in a random scandinavian slang word here and there, slowly making it mainstream.

The ongoing discussion on Scandinavian food might be even more straining on our server than the xyag invasion.

Expect downtime, the war has only just begun.

300 years ago you had to date an artist to get a decent lewd of yourself

I leave for ONE SECOND, and the Norwegians make a mess.
As expected.

jkvaedf i wish i could pin other people's toots

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