Bin halt echt nicht gerne am Alex um diese Zeit....

Wenn dein asiatischer Kollege dich warnt, dass es scharf ist: Glaube nicht, dass du als Europäer es essen kannst nur weil du gerne scharf ist.

Ich bin gerade so mit dem Leben davongekommen!

This is the very first mobile phone that I ever owned. Motorola m3888

Shouldn't have the last few bottles of beer yesterday.... My body still didn't get rid of all the alcohol, work sure is going to be fun today 😄

Ob ich heute arbeite, hat mich ein Kumpel gerade gefragt.

Ich sag mal so, ich bin im Büro... 🤷

Brückentag im Büro. Oder sollte man besser sagen: Geisterbüro?!

What should the company watch next?

Ah sod it, since I'm the admin I am in control of the big screen. Es - Menikmati is up next.

Ugh, I'm not allowed to make fun of football when somebody puts a "legendary" match on the large screen.
I put on Globe - Opinion and everybody is ridiculing it. Sometimes my colleagues are downright not fun to work with....

Sure, you need this feature like right now. I undetstand it's important. But, I will not skip our dev route and develop on the live system, just because you're pressured by the higher ups!

Jeez, managers... Smh

EMail. A technology older than most of my colleagues. And yet they fail to grasp the concept of it.
It baffles me every time

Loudness War in one Image. Rage Against The Machines Bombtrack. Top is from the Original Release CD, the bottom is the "remastered" 20th anniversary 😠

Wow, what a shock! Came as a complete surprise! 😮 Unexpected!!


Effing Windows 😒

Ok Fediverse, gimme a hand here.
I setup a new machine and now gdm won't start.
journalctl -u gdm tells me:
"pam_unix(gdm-launch-environment:account): account gdm has expired (account expired)"

Now, I'm horribly tired and I guess it's something stupid. Any ideas?

You know these guides that make you enter commands and always say: "Always check your commands, things can go wrong easily if you don't pay attention"

Ha, I'm a knowledgeable linux user, that doesn't happen to me, I can differentiate /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, I'm not dumb!


blimey, I just removed my boot partiton 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

Let's give this Yacy another shot. Beefier machine with more space this time.

The current set on DNB Radio makes is really hard to actually get some shit done. This set is so awesomepblocklist

Hetzner hat sich aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen dazu entschieden, den Nextcloud Service in Storage Share umzubenennen. Somit ändert sich auch meine Domain von nx* in nx*

Storeageshare. Rollt das nicht schön von der Zunge? 😒

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