Big thanks to the lad who won this board at the Fast Fingers 20 raffle and then sold it to me. It is in good hands now

I didn't realise that a camera was pointed at me on the campsite for fast fingers last week while I was drunk and blabbering away.
But now an idea is born and I have to forcefully get druno now so that we can record the first episode of our new podcast.

Back to work after two weeks vacation. I have no idea what I'm doing 🤷

Fast Fingers 20 is over and once again I assured myself that I am not a contest rider. 95th out of 100 hurts, but we all knew I am not made for the world championship pressure.... I enjoyed the weekend nontheless.....

The Jon Tiven Group is spinning in my CD player, lights are dimmed and I'm relaxing on my couch. Also got a week off ahead of me, I just forgot some red wine

Everything sortet, two weeks off! Holidays start now!!

I like black cothing. Makes it easier to do laundry.
But what was my thinking process when I skipped over my light blue jeans and grey shirt to put on black jeans and a black shirt?

Got this amp for 10 quid off ebay today. Needs a wee bit of cleaning I guess :think_bread:

Gerade einkaufen, ohne Kopfhörer. Kiddos vor mir, ca 14/15. Er lässt Geld fallen, seine Schwester "Heiliger Bimbam".
Whoot? Das habe ich zuletzt von meinem Opa gehört! Vor 8 Jahren!!!!

Friday afternoon, four hours to go. Motivation is already at home.

Maybe this helps me through the rest of the afternoon

Actually wanted to go to bed, but the thunderstorm is too fascinating. Lets crank up Sunn O))) on my headphones, see who growls deeper!

Ah yes, the difference in ASC and DESC in queries.... little details can screw you over 😞

Found my PSP again in a drawer and now I wonder how that thing ever got in there?! It's running custom firmware, has emulators on it and a good library of retro games.

Thanks "past-me" for doing this! Can't stop playing pokemon blue!

Two more accounts removed.
- Spotify
- Flipboard

I have so many accounts out there I never use 😠

- Identified a bug
- Did an impact analysis
- fixed bug in testing environment
- gave my findings to my mangers

"Nah, dunno. I don't think this is urgent enough, we can work around it. Don't deploy the fix to live, don't put any more work into this."

🤷 ok, whatevs....

incompetence levels are 56% and falling

(56%) ■■■■■□□□□□

#Google's cloud is down in some parts of the US. A HN user reports that they can't let their guests into their house, as their #Nest "smart" lock apparently requires Google's cloud infrastructure to be up.

Reason #125234 why current approach to consumer #IoT is a stupid idea and waste of money.

(The non-garbage approach to IoT essentially makes "I" expand to "Intranet" and doesn't tie physical devices to Internet services.)

I really wanted that nollie off the manny pad. Body told me to stop, my ego said get that nollie. Ego won, body is now pissed and refuses to work the legs properly... Getting old sucks :mastoblush: :mastolaughing:

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