@Stehpferd Looks like you have done something absolutely right today. Traffic on the roads was terrible.

@fuesstest I also think! Why was it so terrible for you? Were you in the car or on the bike today?

@Stehpferd car driver who overtake with much to less distance only to drive slower as before in front of you in a zone with a speed limit of 30km/h for example.

@fuesstest uhh, that's disturbing every time. i always have the feeling that in the south of germany traffic and road infrastructure is a bit denser and less relaxed ;o)

Nice! Is that a steel frame? What brand is it? I got a steel frame gravel bike last September, equipped for bicycle touring/bike packing. I need to find more gravel roads.

I found yesterday it works ok on packed ice and snow 😄

Beautiful scenery!

@normandc Hey, this is a steel frame from "Kona", the model is called "Sutra" and it is ridden in North Germany. What kind of steel frame gravel bike did you buy and where do you ride it on our globe? When the packed snow melts, you'll find your gravel underneath for sure ;o)

LOL mine is a Kona Rove ST, a special edition made in 2020 only with fenders which came with bags. I did look at the Sutra in the store! I didn't recognize it in your pictures. 😀

Forgot to add, I'm in Eastern Canada, specifically Quebec .

@normandc Hehe, "Kona Rove ST", good bike! Ah, Eastern Canada, my first vacation destination after Corona, but in summer ;o)

The frame is generously taped off for the bikepacking bags, the "Kona" lettering is hidden under the tape. Hopefully the temperatures will rise again soon, then the bags for multi-day tours come back to the bike.

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