I have that big problem with #liferea (desktop #RSS reader), that the article look is ugly to the point of being unreabable.

Now, their FAQ offers a solution for that:
“Just edit ~/.config/liferea/liferea.css in your favourite editor.”

Okay. Soooo…
And for those like who barely or don’t know CSS??? Well, bad luck, you’re stuck with the ugly style.

Seriously, this is an arrogant asshole’s answer.


@arcans Yeah, the one developer of that software should should support all the users out there with all their needs and feature requests. Who has the arrogant attitude here?

@Strubbl Listen, if the FAQ said something like “There is no user-friendly way of doing it, you will need to edit the CSS file”, I would be annoyed that there is not a way to do it easily for me who barely know CSS, but well ok, they know it.

The way it is written, it sounds like “Simple! Just do <something that only people knowing enough CSS can do>, it is easy, anyone can do that”. That’s the attitude I think is arrogant and is annoying me a lot.

@arcans I get your point. If you feel offended by the way the FAQ is written, this is your problem. I just read the paragraph. He does not say it's easy or the like. He just points you in a direction how to change the situation if you do not like it. If you cannot change it, this is free software: either do it yourself or find somebody who does it for you. The developer is not selling something to you. You can't raise expectations like he does.

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