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UPDATE: vigilante accused of shooting unarmed man indicted for murder

The media loves to publish stories about people who found their stolen possessions on craigslist and confronted the person who stole them. I always thought that this was irresponsible of the media as I knew it would eventually lead to something like this.

Another argument for amending the Communications Decency Act of 1996

In a piece published by the Washington Post, Law Professor and former director of the National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse, Mary Leary, argues that Congress hasn't done enough to stop the sexual trafficking of children by sites like Backpage.

UPDATE: Female pleads guilty to Canadian mall shooting plot

Back in February 2015, police in both the U.S. and Canada foiled a mass shooting plot that was to take place on Valentine’s Day at the Halifax Shopping Centre in Nova Scotia. There were three suspects, two male and one female. All three were self-admitted Columbiners.

UPDATE: 2 ID men sentenced in Backpage hate killing

49-year-old Steven Nelson of Nampa, Idaho, seemed to be a man who had everything going for him. He was a well liked student at the University of Idaho where he graduated in 2011. He was remembered up to the time of his death by former classmates and faculty of the school.

So let me ask the Mastodon masses.

When I post a link to one of my blog posts, is that considered advertising?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my Windows 10 update post. Thankfully no problems yet but for the record I dual boot with Linux for just such problems.

Windows 10 is updating. I wonder what fresh hell awaits.

There's a guy on my street who always puts his trashcan out backwards. I guess that's his way of sticking it to the man.

It's like someone is intentionally blocking out all the answers.

Just once I want a decent OTA signal so I can clearly watch Jeopardy.

Write a well thought out blog post about a 12-year-old murder where one of the killers is still trying to avoid responsibility for his actions and no one cares.

Make a Uranus joke on Facebook and it's shared worldwide.

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