The new King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard has leaked and It's magnificent

I've got my tickets for Gorillaz , my 10yo me is peeing his pants

@Aquarox Tiens tiens qui se ramène maintenant; après tout le monde

Me : Oh nice there is still one pizza in the freezer
Brain : the expiration date has passed
Me : Shut up Brain , you know nothing
Belly : Yes I want Pizza
Brain : You two are idiots , you'll see
*Time passes*
Belly : Hey dude , remember the pizza from earlier , yeah so humm , I don't like it anymore.
Me : Don't you dare , don't do it
Brain : Told ya !

The new Mac Demarco has Leaked , I REPEAT NEW MAC DEMARCO => LEAKED

DELETE FROM motivation INNER JOIN work ON motivation.topic = work.topic WHERE work.task = "Boring" AND work.language = "SQL"

Saw this band last night :
Never had a neck pain like that, too much headbanging

Après avoir vu plusieurs échecs de rézosocio très biens mais beaucoup trop geeks et entre-soi, vous n'imaginez pas ma joie de voir arriver ici des gens qui n'ont pas du tout ce profil.

Amis geeks, c'est un peu notre responsabilité d'expliquer / accueillir / faire de la place / attirer !

(In Memoriam, Diaspora etc.)

On the topic of blocklists, I think blocking at the user level is completely legitimate. As a user I should be able to decide who I do or don't want to communicate with. At the server/admin level I think it's only legitimate if the admin is open about which other servers they're blocking and publishes the list so that there isn't then any confusion about why messages are not showing up. With a published list users can also apply peer pressure to their admin if there is inappropriate blocking going on.

Secret admin blocklists are equivalent to secret laws and secret trials in apespace, or Twitter shadowbans. They're a process, but not a legitimate one.

How the internet invented Vaporwave still amaze me to this day , so good !

Why did nobody told me that the last season of Black Sails was already out , can't trust anyone these days

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