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Just ordered all 11 Aion Manga in one bundle for only 1100¥, that's nothing.

One single Manga is around 580¥

Youtube schlägt mir gerade eine Doku vor "Adolf Hitler, größter Feldherr aller Zeiten?"

Ich glaube die wäre spannender wenn ich das Ende nicht schon wüsste

I am starting to hate android. Every few days, it changes the volume of my alarm and I don't wake up, if it's not loud enough

I really enjoy how people heavily discuss about freedom, surveillance and why they use Mastodon and then use Netflix and Spotify, two of the biggest, non free, surveillance services.

Like WTF? Have some dignity!


生活はループがる( ・◇・)?

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ok lesson learned: even if the class, time, and location match make sure it’s the right fucken day

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My Mom got a new phone 6 months ago and only shared her new # with me and 3 others. Months later she bought a new laptop and registered Microsoft Word (which apparently requires her phone # now?). A day or two later she started getting a stream of telemarketing calls. #privacy


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