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>people warning that their instances are going down like plebs who need more than 10s of downtime

I don't even reload my page
@kevin either docker or if you're on pleroma you can precompile before you restart. I can't even remember if it's possible using mastodon (I don't think it is)

But yeah pleroma takes literally 0 time for upgrades

@kurisu daang now I feel bad for using Kubernetes (which is a lil slow with startup) and Mastodon

I mean I can get like, one minute restart times, but 10s is pretty good :B

@kevin I havent even optimized that well. I could totally get it lower if I wanted to rice it
@kevin stuff like detecting when I can skip running DB migrations (which is pretty much always because pleroma uses postges jsonb)

@kurisu ah

one of the most annoying things about mastodon imho is asset precompilation.

like it takes a solid 10 minutes on a beastly computer! fucking webpack xd

I wonder why they can't just generate it ahead of time?

Vamp898 @Vamp898


Ever compiled Android? Even in potent/current 8core machines it takes 2 hours