Hi @milan , thank you for admining this instance. I recently noticed that social.tchns.de blocks a number of other instances. I initially registered here to avoid cases when someone who isn't me decides who I can social media with. Is there any way to remove these blocks and decide for myself what (if any) users actually bother me?

@Chymera @milan Actually that's not that easy. Some of these instances have several houndret accounts that spam or break the law or stuff like that.

If you have 1000 people, rather block the illegal instance than let 999 people block several houndret accounts because one really likes illegal and spam content.

If you want that nobody else decides, you have to run your own instance

@Vamp898 @milan I know, beggars can't be choosers 😢 Other than doing that and getting the ideal result (allowing me to federate with everybody, and since I'm nice probably noone will block me), are there perhaps any other instances you know of which federate with everybody but aren't widely blocked? I found one called radicalfreespeech which vouches to not block, but it seems to be widely blocked itself, including by social.tchncs.de 😕


@Chymera @milan no suprise that radicalfreespeech is not blocked.

People often mistake free speach with the right to say whatever they want.

So they do not care about law or something like that. You can say racist things, homophob things and whatever you want.

And this instance mostly consist of people who urgently want and need to say and do illegal things.

Better think twice if you really want to belong to them

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