Does someone know a good way to make an executable check its own hash? I remember some old games used to do this to catch viruses.
But there is a catch: As soon as you attach the hash to the executables, you change the hash. :-O

Great guys! 😎 I was amazed by the number services/alternatives I did not know of yet. The list so far:

Social Network: Diaspora*, Gnu Social (added by me)
Search Engine: YaCY, searx, Duckduckgo, (a. by me)
Video Hosting:,, Webtorrent,, MediaGoblin, IPFSTube
Mail: Selfhosting,, (a. by me)
Cloud Storage: Selfhosting

Overview of Framasoft-Services:

Wurde gegen 9:25 taetlich angegriffen von dem Autofahrer mit dem Auto B-GU 2755. An der Skalitzer St. um den Goerli rum in Berlin. Kennt den wen?

Als Zeuge suche ich den Autofahrer eines GO! Express & Logistics Autos, Kennzeichen B-CS 3736.

Got #Mastodon running as a sidebar #WebExtension on #Firefox. Now, I just need a way to let the user configure which instance the add-on should point to. 😁 😁 🦊 🦊

Now, you can awoo while you browse... never miss a toot! 🍍

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Now, Mastodon is a great alternative to twitter - but are there other great Open Source Alternatives to Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc as well?

One I like is Diaspora* as a 'Facebook replacement'. It really has all I need and no ads! :-D
What I would love to discover is an alternative to Youtube. But I haven't found one yet.

Which great alternatives to commercial services do you know?
Let's collect them! :-)

Hello. :-)

I think my android phone has caught some malware. Is a factory reset enough to remove it?
I am asking the technically skilled because different people tell me different things. :-/


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