If everyone is upset that soon Trump may be allowed to tweet again, but no one is upset that a private citizen is allowed to be so filthy rich that he was able to buy one of the largest social networks in the world in passing:

Then what has actually gone wrong in the public discourse?

Wolfgang Walk, game designer, author, political human being, socially liberal af, economically not as much.

Corporate Fascism
Musk's takeover of Twitter is exhibit A for the thesis that neoliberalism must lead to the autocracy of the super-rich.
The takeover of market-dominating media as sole owner is only one building block on the way to the softening and then dissolution of forms of society that are not primarily economically organized (such as states) and their replacement by corporate structures that are to gradually take complete control over their employees. =>

This process is in full swing in the USA and actually needs only a single victory in a presidential election by the Republicans to become irreversible - at least by peaceful means.
The end result is corporate fascism as a new, global form of state in which the individual is only a soldier of his employer - who in turn can dissolve the employment contract and thus the existence of individuals at any time. =>

Those who fall out of the system are perhaps still caught by a kind of residual state and kept alive in a makeshift way as work slaves or soldiers for the maintenance of the necessary infrastructure or a military that is increasingly becoming a state itself.
This process is - as is usually the case - already much more advanced in the USA than in Europe. Just look at how Walmart employees, for example, are sworn in to the company and their work every morning in a kind of military roll call. =>

Fascistoid rituals are widespread in corporate US, and are also considered completely normal there due to historical naiveté about fascism. Which is not to say that they don't work in creating an "us" against the "others."
And it is still possible to stop this development completely in Europe. The anti-fascist antibody levels are much higher here, because we still experience fascism and its consequences in our own bodies. However, one should not underestimate the normative power of the factual:

When the U.S. has completely dissolved into corporate fascism, except for a residual state that is only militarily powerful, it will be very difficult for Europe to resist it anymore, sandwiched between authoritarian systems in East and West.
Neoliberalism must finally and definitively be exposed as the fascist submarine that it is. Musk, Thiel and all of them are the standard bearers of a final degradation of the average citizen to a laying hen in some globally operating battery farm.


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