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**Turbulence on Spanish flight from Mauritius injures 14**

"Fourteen people had to be treated for injuries in Madrid after a flight operated by Spanish charter airline Evelop ran into severe turbulence en route from Mauritius, a company official who declined to be identified said on Wednesday. "


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Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches

The 5th track of Miles Davis's 1959 album "Kind of Blue"


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Huawei is a huge challenge for Europe’s spies

The doesn’t want to copy Donald Trump’s ban on China’s Technologies.


"And with the Chinese company offering telecoms operators eye-popping price discounts of about 60 percent versus its closest competitors, according to the Washington Post, business interests will also have their say about how Huawei should be treated."

60%? Well, I guess we know now the actual reason for that whole reality show.

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i somehow like messing with code and stuff when beer is hitting hard because bad food lol


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