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we want to someone to polish some of our and over at - come and with us at our HQ.

you can ping me right here - or retoot if you know someone who might know someone, thanks!

Can anyone running a Mastodon instance WITHOUT Docker give me an idea of what your current CPU/RAM/storage resources are, whether you are bare metal or on a VPS, and what you estimate your user capacity to be given that configuration?

I'm trying to get a general feel for how resource greedy this thing is.

Mastodon's creator recently boosted this toot 🐘 I think this is the easiest explanation you can find on the federated timeline.

#Mastodon #Federated #FederatedTL

(Oh by the way Tusky. If you fail to upload media next time... Notice me! Don't just toot the text as if nothing happened 😅)

great. so i made a typo in that previous toot which already revealed my stupidity. and it's getting retooted into the tootosphere (i may have made a few words up in here)

i'm just to stupid to - always forget which param is source and which is target

and if the instance you signed up with goes bust, is all your data lost? toots are propagated to other instances, but would there be a way to reclaim them?

how do you mention someone, when their username is taken on several instances? use the full address?

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