Welp, got a red alert on . Hopefully this will be the third time I got one of those without contracting the plague.

Seems Berlin is closing the clubs again, with the bars coming up soon after. I think it's not a good idea, what would have been a much better idea would be to either lockdown for the unvaccinated people, or lockdown everything. Having another winter of "all work, no play" is the worst of both solutions, and I'm not looking forward to it.

I let my brie sit for a while, and found my cat taking a bite out of it when I got back...

I also love that the people that are essentially oppressing the rest of us by prolonging the plague are themselves crying that they're oppressed.

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If you feel like you're being victimised by COVID restrictions because you refuse to get vaccinated, you're not getting any pity from me.

This plague has been an endless barrage on everyone's physical, and mental health.

Not getting the vaccine prolongs this barrage for all of us. I'd say you're being selfish by not getting the shot, but you're also acting against your own interest.

So, get over your self-pity, you have the means for bettering this situation in your own hands.

Do any other people overdo the politeness, after having been told for many years that you're too direct/blunt, or is it just me?

Every time I take a COVID test, I'm afraid that I have an asymptomatic case. Not afraid for myself, just afraid I might have been spreading it to others.

I'll be so amused if Germany legalises weed before the Netherlands.

Still sore about scamtech hijacking the word crypto, requiring you to either add a qualifier, or to fully spell out the word cryptography.

Went by to get my booster shot, but, despite being there an hour before opening time, the line wrapped around the floor already. I'll go with my appointment next month I guess.

Some of the real problems I've seen are:

* Places that don't check the vaxproof properly, or at all
* People not masking properly in non-2G areas.
* General non-education/non-enforcement of the above.

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And yes, staying at home is the safest thing you can do, but socialising is so important for most of us that these nights were super important for the mental health of so many who were attending.

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I've been to a few clubs in since they could reopen under rules, and they've been consistently been the best at verifying my vaccine proof. I felt more safe at clubs than most other places.

Na liebe Clubs & Kneipen,
Freut Ihr Euch, dass ihr unsere Daten an die „Experten“ von der #LucaApp gegeben habt, die dann mit Unsinn-„Statistiken“ auf Eure Schließung hingearbeitet haben?

Instead of “metaverse”, lets just call it “miiverse for business”

Can we all agree that a "viral toot" sounds like a fart-based disease?

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