So... I just calculated how much I spend on the Fediverse every month and I'm shocked myself!
It's 1️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣ € ‼️

It's okay, I'll gladly keep spending that money, as it's for a good cause and I don't need anything in return.
But just in case you *want* to help me out, feel free.

I have a kofi:
and bank transfer:
IBAN: DE16 4306 0967 8229 4427 00

Here is what I host for all that money:

and more...

Oh and thanks a lot to everybody who already donated a bit. ❤️


@PaulaToThePeople I would love to hear more about what you spend it on. Especially how much horse power you're using for your mastodon instances, and how much users they have.

Been considering hosting some myself, but I have no good insight how much power per user it would take.

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