@gavcloud can you share a bit about #catalogworks ? I'm currently stuck on Bandcamp but not really happy there. It feels old, there's no development, forced to use PayPal, centralized, lack of social interaction....

Thank you!


@dontoverthinklife it’s a new platform just starting out. it’s built as a layer over the Zora network (auction house that is on the ethereum blockchain). Right now you can only mint/press singles on Catalog. I believe they want to add functionality to host full EPs/Albums, as well as incorporate splits, so that if you have a collaborator on your piece they will get an automatic distribution to their address.

@gavcloud have you heard of #Audius? Also on the chain with their own token. I like the idea. Any thoughts?


@gavcloud I wanted to sign up yesterday and had to find out that their app demands Google Services. Can't even start the app. Since I'm on #LineageOS & #GrapheneOS that's a deal breaker for me.. I mean, if you start from scratch and aim towards #decentralization - why the hell not go completely clean?


@dontoverthinklife @gavcloud

"Play services compatibility layer in active development and an early prototype has the basics working.
It will allow users to install Play services as a regular app in specific profiles without granting it any special privileges."
"It won't be part of the upcoming July security update release but there will likely be an initial experimental implementation ready for testing by the end of July."

@akc3n @gavcloud whoa! great news. and thank you for sharing.

also good to see, that more people value #GrapheneOs

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