Introduction #2, long 

I work in the infrastructure department of an IT-department at a company with >800 employees.
I do helpdesk for everything not SAP-related, incl. Windows desktops, Windows servers - active directory, email, fileservers - whould rather like to manage Linux servers, but those are used for monitoring and web services on the intranet.

I develop software in C++ and for the Arduino.
A lot of times I have to adjust some HTML/CSS on our websites and avoid JavaScript.

Introduction #2, long 

In private I want to have a farm, am a die hard cyclist and try to make every move I can with the bicycle and public transport.
Though I got a drivers license since 2018/07/04 and driven ~900 km since then.

I also try to use Free and Open Source Software as often as and everywhere I can.

But what I really love is to build something out of wood and garden, though I don't have a garden or a workshop, that's why I want a farm.

Introduction #2, long 

@alsternerd In welchem Ort wohnst du eigentlich?

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