Masto meta; urgent 

The Direct Messages on Masto are broken in a way that is potentially dangerous

It has happened more than once that someone has tried to contact me in my admin persona about another user using a "Direct" privacy toot

And they try to talk *about* the other person

But Masto helpfully auto-fills their name, so now they're *in* the conversation

And suddenly someone who absolutely should NOT be in a private conversation is added by accident

Masto meta; urgent 

@bgcarlisle So? Don't use the @ then or do a space. That's not a bug. As well as forgetting to set a message to direct instead of public.

Masto meta; urgent 

@alsternerd @bgcarlisle User interfaces that lay traps for users are broken and need to be fixed.

It doesn't matter whether it's working "as intended", if the intent itself was flawed.

This isn't hard to fix, the hard part will be convincing the devs that their current design has bad enough side-effects that it should be reconsidered.

Masto meta; urgent 

@HerraBRE @bgcarlisle But what do you do IF you want to have that other person mentioned by intention?
How do you want to do that? adding a +@username@inst.ance ? Then it's easier to just let the @ go. Maybe the problem is only a client one.
Which is the UI you mean here, there are very different ones, the default web one, pinafore, some others as well as all the mobile clients. they all work different.

Masto meta; urgent 

@alsternerd @bgcarlisle Uhm. I refer you to your nearest e-mail client for a tried and tested design pattern that solves this.

This ain't rocket science.

Masto meta; urgent 

@HerraBRE @bgcarlisle Yeah, you get that you have separated fields in an email client and do not write your emails starting with "Hello, message".
Twitter, didn't have this too and this is by intention, maybe you want to use a different network like friendica then?


Masto meta; urgent 

@HerraBRE @bgcarlisle Following this, we can go back to have extra fields for adding tags, too. (I got no problem with that, but that whould change how these social networks work a lot and people don't use tab a lot to change input fields.)

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