Please don't drink Vio, it comes from the same basin Lüneburg get's it's household water from, which is a not refillable one.
Coca-Cola is also now drilling a third well to drain even more water from it.
The basin is Lüneburgs groundwater, there is some water in upper layers, but there you got nitrates from the fields. :/

It's not just Vittel or water in other countrys, who have this problem.

It also is really high priced for water, that you can get from any faucet in town.
Yes, every.
But with better quality and same taste.

@alsternerd I do miss the good Lüneburg tap water, but I won’t buy it in bottles, that’s for sure…

@alsternerd I guess they only drill their own wells to get the same water as Lüneburg to get a nice name for the well and get the water cheaper than via the public drinking water...

@vilbi They could just stop selling bottled water and just sell bottles.

@alsternerd people have no idea, that a bottle of xxx Naturel can be refilled at home with simple tap water and may have a better quality, freshness and for near 0 price.

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