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Machte die Keksdose auf und fand erstmal ein HVV-Ticket. Okay? :D

me: This user interface is easy to use, intuitive and will survive the test of time.

my users:

Speaking of masterpieces, I have been shown this on twitspace and feel many of you will appreciate the page layout genius on display (page of a book)

The shipping industry is now almost totally dominated by Amazon

and also the business of physically transferring products to people's houses

Looking for a job working on FOSS?

The free software job feed fossjobs is now on the fediverse, too:

Follow @fossjobs

GTA gives you an unrealistic view on how fast police respond to crime. #Showerthoughts

@c3coffeenerds need some beans.

"To keep our assembly running we're dependend on coffee donations. If you want to support us, please bring your favourite beans for filter coffee to and share them with fellow nerds. (RT wanted!)"

It seems that, when you do a "delete and redraft" in @pinafore, it first deletes the original toot, before offering the edit pane - so it's not possible to bail out without losing the post.

Oh, and let me be clear: it's not that the dev doesn't have the time, or that it's really hard and they ask for help.


It's literally "dunno lol".

Here's a revolutionary idea: if you choose technologies you don't understand, be a decent human being and figure out deployment with the admins early on. Not after the project is done and there's no space for crucial changes in the procedure.

@rysiek I've heard that the "DevOps culture" was supposed to be like:
Devs care about Ops' needs
Ops care about Devs' needs
but then it became another buzzword :shrug_akko:

Aber gut, mal gucken, was es so an Eurosystemkompatiblen Kisten für das ganze Zeug gibt.

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