Felt incredibly inspired after watching @piratefsh@twitter.com's Strange Loop talk. Decided to start working on an ART1-like environment

The sketch was a bit of a mess. Turned out ok in the end. Decent cutting practice at least. Design taken from some surprisingly inspiring bathroom art.

A beautiful and haunting short film. I watched this for the first time a few months ago at @gojo_anime@twitter.com, but had forgotten the name, making finding this video pretty hard

First real attempt at papercutting. Front lit and back lit. A gift for a friend. Pretty happy with it, but wish I'd taken less blurry photos

Goodbye . Your spirit lives on in my enormous inspiration folder.

Familiarizing myself with USGS elevation map formats. Here I've got height encoded mostly into blue (with multiples of 256ft in green) social.tchncs.de/media/2ncUuPP


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