I remember asking a team member, in the early 1990s:

me: maybe we should document the odd problems we encounter and how we solved them?

them: Chances are we'd never encounter that problem again, so what's it worth?

Don't underestimate the investment for future you.

Many times I have hit a problem and not known how to solve it. Searching the internet, I find an old blog post of mine. Not only have I hit the problem again, I've completely forgotten about solving it previously.


Spend a few minutes today to save yourself tomorrow.

It's not so much the odd errors, but the reasons for doing something a particular way are vital to understanding the choices. When you, or someone else, looks at the system years later, they wonder: why was that option selected for the function call?

A comment solves that.


@dvl also writing it down helps you to structure the problem description and solution in a way which can help to fully understand and fix it the first time (at least for me)

@l33tname @dvl

I started writing stuff systematicaly about a year ago in . Was a steep learning curve, but it is lot better then my previous system ... I would send myself E-Mails.

@anonimno @l33tname My blogs started as online notes. I would document what I was doing as I went along. At somepoint, I read what someone else was trying to solve, and copy/pasted my notes to them in an email.

Eventually, I started keeping the notes online and just giving people the URL.


@dvl @l33tname

The best feeling is when somebody completely unknown drops you an E-Mail thanking you for a tip he/she found on your blog and it helped them solving the problem they had.

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