Last night I saw my 10 yrs old son start up his laptop, see that tells him updates are available and then just clicks to install them. After that he opened , navigated to his school webpage and started doing his .

Happy as a and , when your kid shows with is understandable and productively usable by kids. So do not tell them they need some closed source and expensive monster of a operating system. nice to hear it works so well for you and your family. Kids are not biased on which OS they use they can learn everything they get taught and if they use it everyday it will become second nature.

Also gnome sure is good for such usecases it especially great for laptops with touch screen works really great. Gnome does put a lot of effort into being pretty simple to understand. Seems like that pays off somewhere at least ^^" But I dont want to start a DE-war here.

It is just that kids get taught to use something besides smartphones and windows.

Yes, children can learn anything because they have no "old Habits". That is why it is important they get shown something proper in the schools.
Gnome is simple to use for kids, because it hides everything that's messy and they get big icons and an app overview like a smartphone. So this works great.
I am a Gnome user myself for years, but my workflow is keyboard driven and I want my DE just to be out of my way. Also not a big modding fan ...

@anonimno Can't wait to hear about the story when he realizes that Gnome is a bloated mess, and just compiles and uses his first tiling window manager. ;)

I think that is going to take a couple of years ...

@anonimno the more I learn and get older, the more I'm becoming aware how much people forget technology that is still used everyday. @publicvoit wrote about this not too long ago, about students forgetting what a desktop is and folders (I think it was a comment to an article).

Today I'm helping folks who can't ubdet the idea that the desktop is just a folder... So if another folder in a Network drive is called desktop for some reason, they are lost.

@publicvoit @jrss
Yep, exactly the thing I am trying to prevent with my kids. They should learn that computers are not something in the realm of rocket science and black magic. Then the future and can not sell them bs.

@anonimno Linux usage is not just free, it's also a wealth of information available, learning how things work and why... Folks pay for apple or Google cloud solutions because that's where their stuff is and the idea of having their own server is too magical to deal with, for example.

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