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Because be honest, who doesn't want to see GRUB booting on your phone allowing you to choose from a multitude of installed distributions? 😉

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We have a name for such projects in our company. We call them "Taskforce" or "Blue Light". I always kind of get assigned these ones ...

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Someone triggered a Tor Sybil attack detection today, but thanks to their properly configured Authenticated Relay Operator ID we know it is CCC Stuttgart setting up their 48 shiny new tor exit instances - and NOT someone impersonating them 👍

Congratulations @cccs and thanks for using a state of the art secure OfflineMasterKey setup to protect your relay keys!

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My youngest son had a school test today that involved the use of the proprietary ArcGIS. However the school test had to be postponed because of license issues with ArcGIS.

Message to all schools, colleges and universities use FLOSS only. And if an alternative doesn't exist, help creating one.



- It sounds cool.
- I always feel good after writing a post.
- To get more posts on the blog.

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Mitte der ersten Arbeitswoche, schwerer Kopf. Täglich baut sich ein Schlafdefizit weiter auf.

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I'm prefering Cinnamon and a rolling release distro regarding linux. But i'm happy that your son is using linux already. That's great👍
Hopefully if he someday discovers AAA Gaming linux will be on same level as windows.
In my case it's the only topic where i'm still using Windows (Windows 11 Education Version).

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@anonimno @lerothas I installed Debian with Gnome on my aunt‘s MacBook once that device did not receive any updates anymore. I found a closeby guy who helped her install a backup procedure. She is happily using Debian on that MacBook since that time. She is 62 years old and got no technical understanding at all. 😉

Should I take part on challenge this year?

@mike @nextcloud

Now Nextcloud return Error Code 500, so internal error.

@mike @nextcloud

So I tried it in Feeder and it works there, but Nextcloud is still not working. So I am 99% sure it's something in Nextcloud.


I can not find any logging. In the App on the smartphone it just crashes and gives me the content of the xml. On the Laptop, directly in Nextcloud, it just tries and after some time silently fails. Been looking at the Log, but there is nothing.

Any idea where I can find some logs from the app?

Hi Mike!
Not sure, but your RSS seems not to work. It crashing my Nextcloud News app, when trying to add it.


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Auf dem Weg nach 😍
Tickets für Stummfilm mit Live-Musik im Kino Babylon und das Jüdische Museum sind schon gebucht.

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Hallo liebe Fairphone3 Besitzer*in,

Interesse an LineageOS, aber die Installation schreckt ab?

Unser nächstes Installationsseminar findet am 28.01.2022, um 16Uhr statt.
Dabei werden wir Sie per Videokonferenz durch den Installationsprozess führen.

Da dieser Service noch relativ neu ist, bieten wir das Seminar dieses Mal noch kostenlos an.

Mehr Infos unter

Gerne RT

#lineageos #fairphone #datenschutz

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Getting work done today. Have the opportunity to sell a computer with #Linux to one of my customers.

He's been buying from me for years and we met through our local Linux Users Group.

This machine is a refurbished HP EliteDesk 800 G1 upgraded with 32GB memory, 256GB Samsung SSD and 1TB HDD.

He is planning to use #PopOS on it. He is perfectly capable of installing it himself, but I'll install on the hardware anyway just to make sure everything works as expected.

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