@naman 5 episodes into Legion! So good and trippy so far! I love it!

Cake for the LA Clippers tonight! Against Houston. This is one hell of a game :birthday:

Really want to lurk for a while. Haven't been here all day it feels like. But I've gotta sleep. See you all tomorrow! Keep tootin' and stay verified!

Did a bot bring me closer to you? I'll stop complaining about it now. :joy:

What comes after the follow bots? Gonna wake up to some more things to toot about.

I don't think anyone likes the followbots. I'm in the same boat. Who tooted that way to stop them?

Eating breakfast at night while a cake bakes after watching the Clippers game with my dog. Screams "single", right?

@anthony @naman
Remember Anthony, with great power comes great responsibility.
Bake carefully

Clippers win 5th straight game. 98 - 87. Good win. I'm gonna go bake a cake.

Crawford with so much talent on the court. LA Clippers are still in the lead 76 - 68.

On the topic of Green Checks vs Red Xs; when the rise of the Red X happens, I hope we have 10 times as many Green Checks on the federate. War, baby.

...and we're back! Clippers up 70 - 66. It's a four point game 3:15 left in the 3rd. C'mon, boys!

This is gonna be a game tonight. Exchanging baskets. Kawhi Leonard with 5 points before the timeout. Gotta make a store run! Will be back

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