with ABS platsic requires extra care and attention. That's why here at R&D department of we've designed and crafted perfect tool to keep your print warm during the process. We consulted with NASA engineers and incorporated some of Cosmic technology into our design too.
Thermo Chamber 3000 is what you're looking for when printing with ABS plastics.
We'll ship it to everyone ordering gratis:

@aptgetshirt Our fabrication lab employed a similar device to the Thermo Chamber 3000, although ours sat on top of the Makerbot and closely resembled a cowboy hat.

@SpaceRavioli hahaha... good to see there is more of those. Use to print with PLA so didnt know that printing with ABS is such a pain in the butt. We have had some layer splitting before etc. first test print today we did with just a blanket on top of the printer but i think it wasnt enough. If this works I should think of some sort of plexy aquarium for it.

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