It's been a while since our last update. (We did not have as much time as we would want to focus on our baby). Nonetheless, we did some progress.
As a part of moving printing operations in-house, we have completed DIY printing press and are now busy mastering our printing skills.

You can read more about it on our hubzilla channel (link below).

If you haven't yet, check out our webshop at and get some SWAG!

While researching equipment we need to purchase for our new workshop, we've stumbled upon DIY Printing Press carousel. We wouldn't feel well if we would just ignore it. So instead of buying cheep crap or investing thousands of euros in proffesional equipement, we are going full DIY. Below you can find a link to the website with plans.

Hi guys.

Finally, we are back on track. We are starting our shirt printing production in our own place. 100% DIY. As you can see on the picture its a huge mess. A lot of work is still ahead of us, but once its all done it will be a joy to start printing again. We cant wait!

But first, big cleanup!

Our T-shirts are finally out! The pre-order batch is sent and we managed to order some extra shirts to have on stock, ready to be shipped as new orders come in. This concludes our campaign. However, the amount of shirts that were ordered during this period was not exactly as high as we wished for which forces us to really think about the future of the project.


Here is an overview of shirts sold during the campaign and the donations to the relevant projects:

For those of you who couldn't contribute to our campaign with credit card: we opened a web-shop for preorders. While we are waiting to get the contributions from Indiegogo, you can still place your order and pay with or bank transfer (EU only).
Preorders are open till May 7th!
Items will be shipped together with the Indiegogo campaign orders.

We’ve been working on new ideas for our everything-opensource , and ended up with a new object getting a perk of its own. Check the new mobile/tablet stand perk on our campaign.
Printed from recycled car dashboards filament, so by getting one not only you help projects but also clean up the planet a little.

PS. our campaign struggles a bit with visibility so please help spreading the word.

Ladies and Gents, We have it!

Thanks to our "Thermo Chamber 3000 (tm)", we managed to print stand from recycled dashboard filament, that meets our expectations.
Expect some exciting update later today.

with ABS platsic requires extra care and attention. That's why here at R&D department of we've designed and crafted perfect tool to keep your print warm during the process. We consulted with NASA engineers and incorporated some of Cosmic technology into our design too.
Thermo Chamber 3000 is what you're looking for when printing with ABS plastics.
We'll ship it to everyone ordering gratis:

So we put our prototype under the aceton steam bath for about 45 seconds. We got nice glossy finish but we are not happy with the result. The hole design looks melted and not as good as when it came right from the printer.
We’re now printing new one with some adjusted settings. Lets see how it comes out.

First with @Re_Filament made out of recycled car dashboards looks pretty cool, though still needs some tweaking. We'll see how the print will look like after aceton bath.

We got new ABS fillament by Refil, made from recycled car dashboards and will start printing some prototypes. Now we can make our printed gadgets -friendly too :)

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