@milan would you mind adding Riseup.net, GNU, Trisquel, and Emacs custom emojis?

I'm starting to like IRC. I still prefer Matrix over IRC and email over everything but IRC seems good.

Never used it daily except for many years ago.

We reached our summer fundraiser member goal! Thank you so much for helping us to build a fighting movement for #UserFreedom! fsf.org/appeal

How is it possible to enter a hotel room with a suitcase, spend 14 days in that room without leaving, and then struggle to fit everything back into the same suitcase?

I hate packing.

@dansup how can we test @pixelfed app? Is it possible to use it (or any other app) on puxelfed.social?

Sure, sex is great. But have you ever sat in bed wondering what would have happened had Lawvere became the people's chairman instead of Deng? We could have had the People's Topoi Mathematical Socialist Republic of China.

So instead of grumbling, I'm going to translate GNU Guix into Persian.

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My request for an account on GNU was denied. Seems you should only be a programmer or webmaster to be considered as a contributor. As I do cultural works, I remain a @fsf member only, sadly.

I wrote a short script that downloads YouTube videos from channels I like so I can watch them wherever I want, whenever I want, and with whatever media player I want.

#Twitter to #Mastodon #crossposting is really annoying, if you do it and don’t care about interacting with people on the #fediverse please stop

A house in the old and abandoned part of Bushehr, a peninsula in the Persian Gulf.

Have your heard about invidio.us? It's being shut down. Move your data to another instance before you lose them.

Is any beta version of official @pixelfed app available to test?

Do you guys know any featured Pixelfed app available to use?


I worry about the present society where mathematical insights and programmatic value are meaningful only by proxy of the institution you work in. Careerism is the banality of meaningful progress independent of trying to make good impressions for your boss/department chair/institution. Can we imagine a world where one might prove univalence holds from their kitchen table, because they wanted to not because their grant dollars/tenure rests on it?

Did I tell you that I completed 86 days of ? 14 days to go.

Being bisexual really hurts. Imagine being available for both men and women and still single.

Wonder what happened to Vincent Canfield's case against 36C3 staff (and some CCC members).

I I get to choose to make one service free/libre, I'll surely choose SoundCloud.

Listen to this: soundcloud.com/arash_ghomeishi

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