I turned 31 today, I think I'm officially the oldest fediverse developer 😅

To install GNOME Software on Ubuntu, you should have snapd. WTF?

Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day. One of the important days for and .

Spoiler alert about "La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)" 

This was the best series I've ever seen in this genre. I can't wait to see what happens to professor and how the squad is going to free him.

Fucking wonderful. Amazing.

Later this week, the House of Representatives is once again voting on whether or
not to extend the authorities in Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act—a
law with a rich history of government overreach and abuse, along with two other
PATRIOT Act provisions, and possibly, an amendment.

Btw you should all know about Rhizomatica, a really cool organisation that uses #opensource technology to help communities build their own networks. #sharingiscaring


After years of using Sylpheed, I'm now on Thunderbird. I'll miss you dear Sylpheed. You were a great companion to me.

This shouldn't be a big deal, but I know it annoyed a lot of people.

Pixelfed now generates notifications when you are followed by a remote account. #pixeldev

Do you ever get that one music you really like stuck in your head and you're getting sick of it but you can't stop singing it?

I can write "hello world" in 43 programming language. Am I skilled enough to put "full stack developer" in my bio?

I no longer post all my blog posts here. So, no updates here. I'll keep (most of) them in my blog.

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