Do I need to mention again that I've movoed to @arh?

Do I need to mention again that I've movoed to @arh?

I just want to remind you guys that I've moved to my new account @arh. You can follow/message me there.

Just realized my followers haven't moved automatically. Weird.

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Just moved my account to @arh. Follow me there if you want.

I just updated my computing page. Wanna know how do I do my computing? Visit

I'm thinking about using IRC more and more and leaving other messengers in future. I really don't believe I'm saying this but IRC is dope.

We have submitted the official Pixelfed app to the app stores! 🎉 #pixelfed #app

Best way FBI/CIA thugs can save the world is to all retire and become musicians.

We should campaign so @fsf will send its emails in plain text. If you need HTML, simply give us a link to your webpage.

HTML emails are annoying. My friend @brettgilio will back me up on this.

The FSF is 35 years old today! We're kicking off a week of celebration and special surprises. Read here to see how you can participate, and join us on 10/09 for a special anniversary livestream!

Thirty-five years fighting for software freedom, and continuing! Happy for the Free Software Foundation. Proud to be a member.

Being with a bisexual is scary. Being with a straight girl is easy, you only worry about men but being with a bi girl is scary. You worry about both men and women. Damn. :)))

Just kidding of course. Don't get in a relationship where you can't trust your partner.

Your eyes, they shine so bright
I wanna save that light
I can't escape this now
Unless you show me how

I really want to be more active on social networks but the fact that they're crap just prevents me.

I like to have a lot of followers and be able to have impact on them so I can change some people's lives for better but still, social networks are created based on numbers not humans.

A social network like Reddit which is based on communities, not follower number, is great but unfortunately that's not libre.

Reddit, please make your service and software libre so we can join and enjoy it.

Apparently #GitLab is using our technologies as its foundation and earns millions of dollars as donations on top of it, but refuses to let us not only to use its free services, but also from viewing its homepage and the whole projects hosted there; Meanwhile spreading some jabberishs about being truely #opensource or even #freesoftware.

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