I just replaced my link to Keybase with @keyoxide.

I only used Keybase to provide my PGP key and let people encrypt their messages using a web-based software but well, Keyoxide is much better.

@arh @keyoxide also key Arse now belongs to Zoom I think. Not that well known for their security.

@arh @wintermute I'm pretty sure it's meant as an alias for "keybase" 😅

Uh. Well I stopped using Keybase as soon as they announced their relationship with Zoom but I kept using it to provide my PGP key.

Today I removed links to Keybase on my website and replaced them with Keyoxide. However, I still miss the proof system of Keybase on Keyoxide.

@arh the system using signed messages, you mean?

Yes. I prefer something separate from my PGP key to do the stuff. And also ability to choose a username would be really nice.

@arh perhaps, multiple methods of identity verification could be supported in the near future!

Choice of username and other customizations are somewhat tricky for now 😅 but not impossible…

Cool. I'm not a programmer but if I can do anything, count on me.

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