Which open source games (focusing on single player) do you deem recommendable?

@arkedos Frozen-Bubble (which came with Ubuntu 16.04)

@arkedos Dungeon crawl stone soup, roguelike game with tons of races and classes.

@Billie @arkedos Oh hell yeah, an excellent RTS game that's also has a multiplayer! Also, OpenTTD.

"An open source simulator based on the classic game Transport Tycoon Deluxe."

@burek @Billie

Yeah OpenTTD is really nice. I played the non-open version back when I was a kid. Thanks for remembering me that there is an open version.

@arkedos @burek @Billie The OpenTTD is also a lot more complex and complete than the original. People are still developing it today, and they added an insane amount of details :)


Which details did they add? I played only for about 20 minutes so far and it still seemed to be the same.

@arkedos a lot of nerd details. Joe signals behave (again, in detail). Enhancing limits, adding a lot more options. There was a real OpenTTD Coop community when I played some years ago, where 10+ people worked for the same company and build one huge rail network.
The actually built logic gates, flip flops etc using only trains, rails and signals.

The Battle for Wesnoth
Pretty nice fantasy themed turn-based strategy game.
#wesnoth #FOSS

@arkedos Battle for Wesnoth is a lot of fun. Made with big love for details, long term gaming fun.

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