Oxymorons: Clearly misunderstood, Exact estimate, Small crowd, Act naturally, Found missing, Fully empty, and President Trump.

#Amaroq for Mastodon v1.1.0 update: By extremely popular demand, multi-instance support is here! Navigation throughout app has been tidied up! VoiceOver support has seen large improvements and will continue to in further updates. The first of the localizations are here: Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Many more localization updates to come~ :3 Now if you excuse me, I’m going to flop onto a couch. Zzz~


morgen wieder nix mit auspennen, weil kurzfristig freund aus der patsche helfen, wenn andere ihn hängen lassen.

Ich wollt noch grad nen Thriller oder Horrorfilm gucken. Vorschläge? Netflix oder Prime. 👻

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