Apparently, the reason the NHS contact tracing app fell over on my fairphone was because some e users got very concerned about their ~privacy~ so the solution that e came up with was to silently kill the app I was relying on.

My best friend has cancer and I thought I would get exposure notifications which is slightly more life and death than privacy fantasies of fossbros.

They ~silently~ disabled the entire covid thing. I am so livid. This was supposed to be better than google, but in this case they've showed way less sense and responsibility

(I'm going to at the companies involved rather than subtoot them:
@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation )


@celesteh, could you please point out which version of /e/ came with EN support and in which version it got removed?

I'm asking because I have been using /e/ on my FP2 since 0.13 (which reported "noen" in the microG version) and IIRC, every upgrade since also had the "noen" tag.

@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation

@astronav @Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation

The short answer is that I don't know. It worked when my phone was new and I noticed that it had stopped working a week or two ago. I'm guessing it was the most recent or the version right before the most recent one.

This effected my phone which I installed myself and my spouse's phone, which was purchased directly from /e/

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