Do you ever decide what kind of to drink, or even whether to drink tea at all, based on the condition of your gut?

Please boost!

So the ayes have it, but not by much.

I would be curious to know what people around here drink when their gut isn't up to the rigors least some kinds of tea.

For me it tends to be ripe pu'er or roasted oolong.

@babelcarp I guess my problem is that I don't know the condition of my gut.

If I remember correctly, there was a tea vendor we talked with once who said aged teas were better for older people. I suspect that may be because they were more gentle on the stomach.

@SlowRain Yes, I think that's true. I guess the reason I didn't mention this in connection with gut comfort is that aged teas are *expensive*.

@babelcarp I go about it mostly the other way round. I default to teas that are neutral or helpful for the gut: ≥ 14% oolong, roasted oolong, shu pu'erh, liu bao, white with some years on it. If I think I need something especially helpful, I'll get out a particularly digestive tea, like an aged sheng or an older one of the darker teas I mentioned.

I drink young or middle aged sheng, green oolongs, and young whites only when I feel particularly up to it. Which is pretty often to be fair.

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