Did you know `ncdu`? I'm using this for years to find out where all my precious disk space is lost. Unlike other solutions it works in a terminal and this way even on remote servers… or gorram mobile phones always short on anything.

Disk full. Place 5 in $HOME after a lot of cleanup of this sort - bunch of old save files I will totally never ever have us of again in my life.

> 69,7 GiB [# ] /Master of Orion

Some games have really no shame. Compression - such an alien concept.

ncdu ist klasse, der perfekte Festplattenaufräumer.

@bekopharm filelight works for this too? As does baobab..

Hmm the latter not working for me now, to be honest, i feel the gnome stuff breaks things sometimes...

@jasper filelight and baobab are graphical disk usage tools that require other libs installed on the system that are usually not installed on a remote server. Both are _huge_ (in comparison) and not really suited for remote filesystems. Both work, of course, and are suited for daily localhost business where you've got a desktop running anyway. Use whatever works for you, oc :)

@bekopharm i love ncdu and im so glad i found it last year. but yeah everyone should use it

Most games are using compression for most assets, but the assets are rather large. Also, you can use disk compression if you want to. Depeending on your PC and game, there are downsides like mikro stutters and prolonged loading times.

@gom talking _saves_ here, not assets.

Compressing a text file is fast compared to disk IO nowadays.

Asking for compression on filesystem level is kinda overkill (and frankly pointless for most files found on a common desktop PC).

X4 for example is not shy of stashing ~500MB saves. The compression for this can be enabled and it's faster to compress this even on SSD. Also better for the disk lifetime.

Modern disk compression selects which files are compressible or not. It's not overkill ;)
And modern ssds can be faster than a cpu runing decompression, but that also depends on the access pattern.
And yeah, you are right, there is potential for optimizations.

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