if anyone has any recommendations for blogs with full text feeds, id love to see your suggestions

@twee I hear that'd be a SEO nightmare.

Good thing I don't care about SEO so it's full text for me as well like for most people following principles πŸ˜„

@bekopharm same here :)

if someone doesnt have a full text feed, i flat out wont read their site - nothing personal, i just dont want to keep a list of sites to manually trawl when theres a system set up to do that for me!

@twee so.. how to you feel about subscribing to a site via ActivityPub? 😁

Still playing with this but I just love the idea.

@bekopharm it really depends on how it ends up being implemented.

heres how i roll: i dont have much of an internet connection. i access all my email in an offline client. i have mailing lists also in my client. i get tech news from lobste.rs, which lets me interface via email. i get my rss feeds converted into my maildir.

when im online, it all syncs.

so far, i havent seen activitypub look like itll do this - i want something with few moving parts, which works well asyncronously.

furthermore until pretty much all the sites im subscribed to implement it, its just fragmenting.

bu im not opposed to the idea.

@twee I see. Yeah connectivity is a killer.

My feeds are read by my MicroSub endpoint and when I launch my reader I get all the stuff I want in one place.

And if reading is not enough I can react via MicroPub and my reaction gets syndicated back to wherever that feed came from.

This works okayish for most of my feeds. Mastodon is somewhat not in this loop yet but will probably follow eventually.

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