@JarlavGrenlandUpir that old story again. This church was not historic. It's in that very provided Wiki article (Kudos @pinkprius - usually that's skipped for the sake of the "argument").

It just _looked_ historic.

I dabble in history. Especially medieval period. There is more valueable stuff to rescue. Modern decorated bricks do not belong into this category. Unrelated to the coal idiocy.

@bekopharm @pinkprius just Becuase it's not classified as historic dosnt mean it has history.


@JarlavGrenlandUpir @pinkprius ffs get real. You are pirate party? Aren't you supposed to be the type to decide on facts and do their research?

@bekopharm: Just becuase it was an old building built in the 1800 dosnt mean it dost hold any significent value ( also i read the wikipage befor commenting the orginal comment). I do also have a personal bias towards stuff that looks old. becuase they look more pleasing to my eyes then the modern white buildings with tons of glass.

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