So.. can someone tell me what this is? Both units are mounted on some sort of makeshift wagon. (

its a wine press on the left and grinder for grapes on the right i'd say

sry too late ;) my client didn't show that there were answers

@phr ah it's cool. 2 comments makes 3 opinions. Love the net for this 😁

u didn't ask for it but there's a hrrow in the bg. (ha, i thought my knowledge about older agricultural technology (because of my oblivion) would never become handy. - i also know way too many words vor hoes and forks)

@phr define older. My hobby is medieval times. Mostly timber framed buildings currently.

my family had a little farm, which is now more of a hobby, but there is plenty of tech which was outdated and replaced around the 1950s. so there is still plenty stuff like the press you got there.
i'd guess the main innovation this stuff got in the 20th century was cast iron.


@phr I really wonder what to do with it. It seems functional and was in a dry location. I'd hate to see this going to waste. Just need that corner for my kids.

some might beinterested to buy this stuf as (folcloristic) decoration. some vinters and or restaurant owners maybe.
otherwise: you were talking about apple trees. pick some and make applejuice for your kids (remember to prevent it from fermenting - at least a little barrel of it, for your kids.)

it doesn't seem to bee a to big, the press, so that a few trees would fill it.

as it seems oil for the screw (edible oil!), and a (new?) planks for the cover, and a handle to turn it down will be everything it needs.

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