Yessss. Finally. I can take serious:

> We’ve just launched OpenPandemics, a new research effort to help scientists at Scripps Research look for potential treatments for COVID-19. Please join us by contributing your computer’s power to the search.The World Community Grid team
> (

@bekopharm What about folding@home, you don't take that one seriously?

@chris No, I don't. Unpopular opinion. They roll their own closed source binary for "reasons", manuals were for 32bit WinXP in 2020, no repository, no signed packages, reference to Boinc only found via search in an old article and no reference brought up on it's website rings any bell for me.

I can not take this one serious.

I may be wrong on this but I have no reason to trust this.

@bekopharm Yea, I get it. my impression is that they were and maybe still are highly underequipped both technically as well as in terms of manpower. And the recent raise in public interest caught them by surprise. I'm using the client also partly because of a lack of alternatives. Raising your points directly to them may help improve the software and thereby help everyone. But maybe you already tried?

@chris Why should I? I mean they are doing this for years. I'm sure they are totally waiting for another "Linux freak" to point out the errors of their ways. Not. ;-)

BTW I do not get notifications from your instance. Other instances work just fine. Something related to your setup?

Just luck that I checked manually again.

@bekopharm Yea ok, but I feel that they are expanding and may have more resources due to increased public interest. At least they recently had to drastically improve their infrastructure because of increased load and traffic. So I'm kinda hoping the overall quality of the project will also improve. But maybe I'm just naive.

This is a friendica instance, maybe that's the reason?

@chris Maybe.

Nope, I've several friendica contacts and they are all fine.

@bekopharm So you don't get any notifications on any of my answers?

@chris none. That Like yesterday propagated fine.

@milan to my aid! Anything weird in the logs? Not getting notifications from @chris

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