I was nominated by Sebastian Reinbold to annoy everyone with images of myself for ten days. This triggered some flashbacks and sparked this article (showing 10 images ;)) (

@bekopharm Looks loke some very special needle work. 👍

@ubo ah, the tricky part is cleaning (and ironing 😂)

@bekopharm And don't forget to use fabric softener when you do the laundry.

@Antzessin hell no. Would you run around all day with Eau de WD40 under the armpits?


@bekopharm Did you have a look at the YT-channel I recommended?

@ubo Watched the first, next is queued. Not sure what to make of it yet.

@bekopharm I thought, that a good range of motion, the ability to get down and up(!) and rotational exercises (e.g. with clubbell) might be beneficial for your sword fighting.

Which channel? Probably it's not Yoga or Pilates, but as long as it is not too much martial art style, it might be interesting for other people, too. 😇

Looks good. 😍 But unfortunately my elbow hurts when I'm just watching this. (The doctor said, more strength would be good for my shoulder. Maybe I exaggerated. 🤷🏼‍♀️)
Thank you for the link!

@ubo alright. Watched some more and decided that this is nothing for me. At one point he eventually mentioned that club training helps with the movements and on this I call even bs. We've actually a hard time to bring the point along to newcomers that it is NOT a club. Especially not arming swords.

Other stuff may be fine but doesn't resonate with me. May be biased because I dislike the moving around all the time while explaining. Especially since I crank speed up to 1.5 to get input faster.

😂 I expected something like "In the middle ages they did not have WD40, blah" 😉
(Btw, what did they use to prevent their chains from getting rusty?)

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