I was nominated by Sebastian Reinbold to annoy everyone with images of myself for ten days. This triggered some flashbacks and sparked this article (showing 10 images ;)) (beko.famkos.net/b/Yuz)

@bekopharm Looks loke some very special needle work. 👍

@ubo ah, the tricky part is cleaning (and ironing 😂)

@bekopharm And don't forget to use fabric softener when you do the laundry.

@Antzessin hell no. Would you run around all day with Eau de WD40 under the armpits?


@bekopharm Did you have a look at the YT-channel I recommended?

@ubo Watched the first, next is queued. Not sure what to make of it yet.


@ubo alright. Watched some more and decided that this is nothing for me. At one point he eventually mentioned that club training helps with the movements and on this I call even bs. We've actually a hard time to bring the point along to newcomers that it is NOT a club. Especially not arming swords.

Other stuff may be fine but doesn't resonate with me. May be biased because I dislike the moving around all the time while explaining. Especially since I crank speed up to 1.5 to get input faster.

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